Celebrate! Why We Make a Joyful Noise

Dear Friend,

Years ago, a mom and her little girl arrived at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, in desperate need of shelter. The moment the girl said, “It’s my fifth birthday today,” was heartbreaking — heartbreaking that she was spending her birthday in a homeless shelter. The next day, our staff threw a big party, with cake and gifts, the works. Her mom said it was the best birthday her daughter ever had. That has stuck with me. We know those who come through our doors were created in God’s image, having value and a purpose. That’s why we celebrate birthdays at MRM. But our celebrating doesn’t end there!

We find hope around every corner here, evidence of God’s work in the lives of men, women and children who come through our doors looking for a fresh start. We find new life in every room, people whose lives have been transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit. We find growth and achievement, as those who come to MRM work hard to accomplish the goals and objectives of the programs you help make possible … goals that represent giant steps toward restoration.

In this issue of Transformed, you can read about Robert, who hit rock bottom and lost all self-worth before coming to MRM and finding a fresh start and new life. On page 6, you’ll meet Heaven, a teen girl who was devastated by the death of her father, but found peace and joy inside our walls.

I hope you’ll be encouraged by these stories and know how grateful we are for your continued compassion for those who turn to MRM for help and a hopeful future!

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.