Easter Miracles

Dear Friend,

For Christians, Easter is the central historic truth of our faith. Jesus is God’s perfect solution for the problems we face in our day-to-day lives, as well as the problems facing those we serve every day at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. His resurrection means that every sinner — which is all of us — can be reconciled to God and filled with His Holy Spirit.

Every day of the year, we aspire to share the hope of Easter with our guests and throughout our community. And we aspire not only to share this hope, but to live and work according to it. By God’s grace, this hope is seen all over MRM — from the simple acts of love and kindness that daily occur within our walls, to the two huge signs atop our Central Campus building that say Christ died for our sins and Jesus Saves that can be seen from blocks away!

Making Easter Real and Personal

Whenever we celebrate someone graduating from one of our programs, our graduates give testimony of how their lives were changed because they heard the Gospel and now embrace the hope that Jesus brings. Where once they were struggling, feeling lost, alone and hopeless — now, many will be moved to tears of gratitude because of the transformation they’ve experienced. By God’s power, our guests overcome crises, brokenness, addiction, hurt, anger and more.

When you partner with MRM to serve men, women and children in need, you are helping not only to “love your neighbor” as God commands, but to share His perfect solution of Jesus Christ. With your help, Easter becomes so much more than just another holiday — it becomes a celebration of God’s life-changing power and grace through the life, death and triumphant resurrection of His Son!

God bless you for caring about those facing homelessness, hunger and hardship in our community. Thank you for sharing with them the truth of the resurrection and the love of Jesus! Happy Easter — Christ is risen!

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.