The Milwaukee Rescue Mission — including Joy House, Safe Harbor and Cross Trainers Academy — is committed to maintaining the highest standards in our ministry. Please read the following guidelines carefully before contacting us about volunteering. You must agree to these terms to be considered as a volunteer.

General Expectations

  • Volunteers are valuable partners in implementing the mission of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. As partners, volunteers are expected to uphold our Core Values and serve the men, women, children and students in our programs — as well as treat staff and fellow volunteers — with love, compassion, dignity and integrity.
  • While volunteer and staff roles are complementary, volunteers agree to submit to the guidance and direction of MRM staff.

Healthy Boundaries

  • Volunteers should refrain from physical contact with guests and/or students. Inappropriate contact including, but not limited to, prolonged hugs, kissing, tickling, horseplay, etc. is strictly prohibited.  In certain situations, a handshake, high-five or side-hug within the sight of others may be appropriate.
  • Volunteers should refrain from giving guests and/or students any gifts, money or transportation.
  • Volunteers should not have off-site contact with guests and/or students, and volunteers should not provide or ask for personal contact information.
  • Volunteers should only take pictures of themselves when serving. The privacy of guests and students should be protected, but if they would like to be in a picture, volunteers should obtain permission from staff.  Pictures with guests and/or students should never be posted online or shared publicly.
  • Volunteers should never be alone with children or youth. If this situation occurs, volunteers should find a staff member immediately. Volunteers should never take a child to the bathroom.
  • Information pertaining to current or past guests, students, staff, donors, volunteers or other constituents of the organization is strictly confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone unless explicitly authorized by MRM leadership. Volunteers should not share names or other identifying information of guests who are staying at MRM.

Safety, Health and Dress

  • Volunteers should remain in their assigned area.
  • Volunteers should contact a staff member immediately if a guest or student becomes difficult or confrontational and allow staff to handle the situation.
  • Volunteers are not permitted to carry any weapons on MRM campuses, and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
  • Volunteers should report any injuries or accidents immediately to staff.
  • Volunteers should cancel volunteering if they have an infection or illness that could spread to others.
  • Volunteers should follow any specified dress codes and refrain from wearing clothing that 1) could be deemed offensive, 2) has political messages or 3) exposes undergarments, cleavage or excessive skin.

Volunteer Application

After reviewing our volunteer opportunities and guidelines, we encourage you to reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about setting up a volunteer date. Please direct volunteer requests and/or questions to our Volunteer Coordinator — by email at or by phone at (414) 935-0241.