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Trinity’s Story

"There’s always someone here to encourage me."

“Since I’ve been here, that’s all I’ve been given — love, support and help.”

After going through a rough experience at her previous school, Trinity wasn’t sure what to expect from Cross Trainers Academy (CTA), the Milwaukee Rescue Mission’s K4-12th grade school. What she found was a place that welcomed her with open arms, loved her and encouraged her to achieve her highest potential.

“They’re tough here,” Trinity laughs. “But I mean that in a good way. The teachers constantly push us to succeed, to be our best.”

She continues: “Classes are challenging, but the teachers help you a lot. And they care so much. They make every effort to make sure we understand, and in the end, I feel so much love and support from them.” Trinity knows this firsthand, because — while history and English come naturally to her — she’s needed additional help in math and science. But she’s grateful, because “the teachers are always there to make sure I get it.”

Trinity doesn’t just enjoy the academics. “I like the fact that we pray every morning. It makes me feel like we’re going to have a good day. When I’m going through things, there’s always someone here to encourage me, to keep me focused on God.”

Ultimately, she believes CTA is setting her up for success. “They don’t just let us fend for ourselves; they help us. They want us to succeed,” she says. “There’s a lot of opportunity for me here.” And for that, she is sincerely thankful — for the teachers, administrators and donors like you who make her education possible!

Shaping and Influencing Young Lives

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission opened CTA in 2006 with the intent of reaching children who are at-risk — providing them not only with educational opportunity, but also with the hope of the Gospel. The school, with over 400 students and a 20:1 student-staff ratio, offers pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes.

CTA focuses on strong academic achievement, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics. Through diligent work, students gain the skills necessary to be successful in their academic efforts. Other classes include STEM, social studies, Bible, physical education, health, music and art — all of which are possible through the support of incredible friends like you who help ensure we can meet the needs of each and every student.

Thank you for making life-transforming education possible for young scholars in our community!