Nakisha’s Story

Though she’s young, Nakisha has faced a lot of adversity, including challenging family relationships. Several years ago, during a difficult period of her life, she turned to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission for help. She and her three kids took refuge at Joy House, our shelter for women and children in need.

“That first time I was here, there were smiles and laughter and joy,” Nakisha remembered. Everything was going well, and she was making progress … “but I left prematurely, got my own apartment. And then, my life went downhill.”

After several years of struggle, Nakisha knew she needed help. She knew she needed to finish what she had started. That’s why she came back to MRM’s Joy House.

In addition to receiving needed shelter and meals for herself and her children, Nakisha was grateful that she also was able to work with a case manager who could mentor her. The family settled back into a positive routine. “The kids have so much fun playing with the other kids, and they love going to their classes,” she said.

But it isn’t just physical needs that are being met. “Before I came here, I had extremely low self-esteem,” Nakisha explained. “I didn’t like anything about myself.” She’s come a long way to viewing herself as a child of God. And while the healing journey hasn’t always been easy, Nakisha is incredibly grateful for all the support she’s receiving along the way. “I can talk with the staff here about my problems. They lift my spirit … they’ve helped me get to where I am now.”

This Christmas, Nakisha’s heart is full of gratitude for people like you who support MRM.

Today, her outlook has completely changed. She’s focusing on the Lord, on raising her children and on rebuilding her life — which includes going back to school to become a nurse.

As you can see, Nakisha’s future looks bright! This Christmas, her heart is full of hope — and she is so grateful for kind friends like you, who helped make her transformation at Joy House possible.