Michael’s Story

I grew up in a Christian home. All my life, I went to church, I read the Scriptures, I sang the hymns, and I looked like a good Christian boy. But it was just a disguise. A lie.

I have never been able to connect with people, not even family. I was always a loner. I never had friends.

So, I projected an image as a rebel, the aloof but popular athlete, the nice guy people liked but never knew. I couldn’t let them know, because behind the mask, the “real” me was a slave to pornography and marijuana. I was a disgraced, failed Marine. I was a failed husband and father. I spent years living in homeless shelters or in my car, smoking marijuana every day, isolated and alone. My mind was gone — and no one knew.
I never trusted or got close to anyone. The only things I trusted were porn and weed. And the worse my life got, the more I turned to them.

But in April 2016, I realized I couldn’t live like that anymore. I was unemployed, my car broke down, I couldn’t pay for my phone anymore, I wasn’t bathing — I was broken and I needed help. I cried out to God and He led me to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

I knew if I was going to beat this thing, I needed to learn to connect and trust people. But first I needed to learn to trust God. And that has been the biggest change in my life. Thanks to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, I’m learning to set aside my pride and trust God in everything. Now, because I trust Him, God is slowly transforming my heart. I’m finally free.

Last Easter, I knew everything had changed when one evening I was reminded again of Christ’s resurrection to new life — the same new life I’m living today. In that moment, I knew all heaven was rejoicing, and I cried. I’m alone no more!

Your support for the Milwaukee Rescue Mission has helped transform my life. Thank you!