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Lee’s Story

"It's overwhelming that God has transformed me."

From alcohol to drugs, arguments to separations … Lee has had his challenges in the past. In fact, this isn’t his first time at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Years ago, thanks to support from friends like you, Lee turned his life around at MRM. He graduated, got a job, got married and was living a happy, productive life.

But when his relationship with his wife went south, Lee fell back into old habits — and back in with the wrong crowd. Everything seemed to be falling apart. Sadness brought him back to self-destructive choices he thought he’d left behind. He relapsed with drugs and wound up on the streets.

Lee had hit the lowest point of his life. It was then that he realized he needed to come back to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission for help. “God got me here,” Lee recalls. “And I knew this is what He wanted me to do.”

Because of your generosity, Lee found the resources he needed to make a real, lasting change. He received food, shelter, compassion and the necessary tools to cope with his loss and rebuild his life.

Lee continues to make progress — including earning his GED.

“Getting my GED was essential,” he explains. “It’s important not only for my work, but it’s an opportunity for me to go forward with my education. I’ve always liked numbers — even as a kid I was counting everything. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go into accounting.”

Through finishing his GED and enrolling in postsecondary schooling, Lee will gain the life skills necessary for better employment opportunities and a more secure future.

As Lee continues his education, he is hopeful — back on his feet and incredibly grateful. He’s thankful for fellowship, his church and friends like you who helped provide another chance.

“It’s overwhelming that God has transformed me. He has changed me from the way I was chasing drugs to not even thinking about them. It feels good.”

Lee’s future is filled with promise — and for that, we’re deeply grateful. Thank you for providing the resources that rebuild and restore the lives of our neighbors in need!