Krystal’s Story

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

“He wanted me to go a different direction – His direction.”

Krystal was scared. She had just found out that she was pregnant and didn’t have a place to stay. With no support from her family or the father of her child, she called a number of shelters and finally found an opening in Joy House. She was thankful for a safe shelter, but was also focused. She had a plan to get her GED and CNA license. The mandatory two weeks of classes, that are a part of the New Life Program, were not a part of that plan. “I was so wrapped up in what I needed to do and what I thought was important for me, but I don’t think it was God’s plan. He wanted me to go a different direction – His direction.”

“Don’t put God on hold.”

Through the New Life Program, Krystal learned about money management, parenting, healthy relationships, and healthy living… and about God’s plan for her life. “Don’t put God on hold. Put God before everything. That’s the main thing I learned…and always have faith in Him and He’ll work things out for you. Even when you’re at your weakest points,” she says.

Krystal has continued on to Fresh Start, Joy House’s transitional living program. She is able to focus on saving money and working toward her goals, and is finally getting the support she needs. When it came time to have her baby, a staff member was even with her in the delivery room. “It meant a lot because I didn’t have anybody that was going to be there for me. Nobody at all. I’m really thankful she was there.” Krystal now is a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, Gabrielle.

“God doesn’t make mistakes.”

Krystal has seen a real change in herself since coming to Joy House. “I had a big problem with trusting and having faith,” she remembers. “At first I just felt like things weren’t going to be right for me, but being here and having the support from Joy House, I grew. Having faith is the main thing…God doesn’t make mistakes.”

“I feel like I have a story to tell the next person.”

Now Krystal has a new plan. She is determined to go back to school to become a social worker. She explains, “I had a really rough childhood. Just going through everything, I feel like I’ll be a good candidate to work with kids and adults. I feel like I have a story to tell the next person…God is the way out. I never knew that. That’s all I know now.”

Krystal wants to express her sincere thanks to all of the donors who make the services provided by Joy House possible. “Thank you for providing me and Gabrielle with a place to lay our heads. And thank you for clothing us…and the food you provide. I’m really happy. Everything’s falling into place. It really is. I just want to say thank you and God bless you.”

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, ”He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’” Psalm 91:1-2 NIV