Janetta’s Story

"We get the support we need. The staff prays for you..."

Between a difficult childhood and a teenage pregnancy, Janetta’s life hasn’t always been easy — “But I know God won’t let me down.” Eventually, through God’s grace, she found peace. She got married, and her family started a new life in Mississippi.

Sadly, it wasn’t only the move that went south — but her marriage. After four years, Janetta brought her children back to Milwaukee for a fresh start. “Everything was peaches and cream,” she says, until their living situation fell through. They spent two nights in their car before Janetta swallowed her pride and came through our doors.

“To be homeless, sleeping in the car with my children, was heartbreaking. I never thought I’d be in a situation like that,” Janetta remembers. “But when I got to Joy House, I was greeted with love, support and care … so I stayed, not just for the shelter but for the Christian foundation.”

Through your generosity, Janetta found the resources she needed to make real change for her family. Here, they received food, shelter and clothing, and recovery services grounded in the transformative hope of the Gospel. Her family is growing through Christian mentorship, parenting and life-skills classes, education, counseling and more — vital resources that God uses to help people experience second chances.

Today, Janetta feels new purpose as she continues to seek the Lord’s plan for her life. She’s graduating from our recovery program, and hopes to resume her CNA career — and buy a home for her family one day.

Reflecting on the donors who made her fresh start possible, Janetta is filled with gratitude. “I’m thankful for the kind hearts, the love and the spiritual foundation — for people who go out of the way to bring you hope and joy. I’m just grateful!”