Ebony’s Story

"I lived that life and I ended up falling short. And still, God loved me."

heart for other people. Whether she was raising her nephew, caring for her ailing mother or taking in foster children when their own mother abandoned them, she has always felt a call to serve others in their time of need.

Yet, when she suddenly found herself in a time of need, Ebony didn’t know what to do. Life had taken a turn — she was pregnant, her income had slowed down and she was desperate to find a way to make ends meet. “And in the process of that, I thought, ‘What am I going to do?’ So, I decided to sell drugs,” Ebony explains.

It wasn’t long before Ebony was arrested. “I was like, ‘Okay, God.’ I was frustrated and I didn’t want to do anything that the Bible said. I lived that life and I ended up falling short. And still, God loved me.”

Ebony was in jail for four and a half months. She found work after her release, thankfully, and was quickly able to build a life for herself and her son. They got by for a while — but then, the pandemic hit. “I ended up losing my job,” Ebony remembers. “We lost everything we had.” Out of options, Ebony turned to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission for help.

Through your generosity, Ebony found the resources she needed to rebuild her life — and to secure a bright future for her son. Here, they received food, shelter and clothing, and recovery services grounded in the transformative hope of the Gospel. They’re growing through Christian mentorship, parenting and life-skills classes, education, counseling and more — vital resources that God uses to help people experience new beginnings.

“The classes here have made my faith grow tremendously. I just totally depend on God, even in the bad situations. I’m not in control; He’s in control. I’ve learned to keep God first.”

Today, Ebony feels new purpose as she continues to seek the Lord’s plan for  her life. She’s graduated from our long-term program, and is transitioning into permanent housing.

Reflecting on the donors who made her fresh start possible, Ebony is filled with gratitude. “I appreciate everything that you do for the Milwaukee Rescue Mission,” she says. “I just want to say thank you to the fullest!”