Demetriana’s Story

"Once I got here, right away — it connected. "

Growing up near our K4-12th grade school, Cross Trainers Academy (CTA), Demetriana knows how critical it is for children to learn in a safe, nurturing environment — because she went to school here, herself.

As a youngster in the Lindsey Heights area, “it’s always been really dangerous where I live,” she explains. “If I heard a gunshot, I’d stay in the house for a few days.”

Demetriana started at CTA when she was just four years old. Now, as she looks back as a CTA graduate, she appreciates the quality education and personal attention she received as a student. “If I didn’t understand something, the teachers would set time aside to help me understand. The teachers were really nice.”

And it wasn’t only Demetriana’s math skills that our teachers helped develop over the years — but her faith. “When I first came to school, I didn’t know anything about God,” she recalls. “Then, once I got here, right away — it connected. Christmas programs, songs about God, Bible classes … It all taught me more about God and helped me understand Him.”

By God’s grace, Demetriana made a commitment to the Lord when she was 12 years old. In the summers after, she attended church camps, where she continued to grow in her faith throughout her school experience.

Today, Demetriana is thankful for her education at CTA — and appreciates the opportunity she had not only to learn and grow in faith here, but also to share and encourage her classmates in that faith. In fact, she hopes to be a teacher herself someday.

“I always enjoyed bringing my faith to school because I could help others, too, especially younger kids.” And as a teacher, she explains, “I could help them get to know Him even more.”

Demetriana is excited about her future, and so are we!