Ashanti’s Story

"Not having to sleep on the streets is everything to me. What you’ve done for us is amazing."

One early morning last July, Ashanti was woken from a deep sleep by the sound of loud banging on her front door. It was the police, shouting for her to get her and her kids out because there was a fire in her apartment.

“It was crazy,” Ashanti remembers. “My poor baby was just crying and screaming. She didn’t know what was going on.”

Ashanti hoped she and her kids could crash at her mom’s house for a few days. But her mom was only renting a one-bedroom apartment — and there were six of them. They couldn’t stay.

Out of options, Ashanti spent what little money she had on a hotel for a few days, then contacted Joy House — our shelter for women and children.

What a relief, she remembers.

“I was so thankful that we had somewhere safe and dry to lay our heads,” Ashanti recalls. “And that we would have food every day, so I didn’t have to worry about going hungry.”

But food and shelter were just the beginning.

Through Joy House’s long-term recovery program, Ashanti has been able to set goals for transitioning to a life of stability. She’s learned a lot from finance and parenting classes, and she’s grown closer to God. “I know everything is going to work out because God is in control,” she says.

Ashanti has also learned how important her attitude is when dealing with struggles. “I can’t let bad things ruin my life,” she says. “I’ve got five little sets of eyes watching me. I have to remain strong for them.”

To donors who made it possible to find restoration and hope in Joy House, Ashanti says, “I want to thank you a million times over. Not having to sleep on the streets is everything to me. What you’ve done for us is amazing.”

Your support meant a new start for Ashanti — and hundreds of others who come through our doors for help. Thank you for being so generous!