Andre’s Story

"Being here has taught me purpose and patience...This place has changed me!"

Andre was only ten years old when his mother brought drugs into the house. “Crack came into our lives because my mom started using it,” he remembers. School provided an escape for a while — but as he watched his mother sink deeper and deeper into addiction, eventually, it took hold of Andre’s
life, too. At just 15 years old, he started smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol and selling drugs — only to be arrested and sent to prison a few years later.

After three years in prison, Andre moved in with an uncle who tried to steer him toward the right path. For the first time, Andre had a bright future ahead of him — he was sober, employed and attending classes at a junior college.

But drugs were all Andre had known his whole life. Even after his release from prison, he didn’t know how to escape his past — and returned to bad habits. “I went back to selling … and that’s when I started using again. From that point, my life went downhill,” he remembers. “I couldn’t keep a job because I was always getting high. And when I did work, I spent my money on drugs instead of rent.” Over the years, Andre’s addiction cost him jobs, relationships, housing and all hope … until, finally, he realized he needed to make a change.

Andre had been to MRM for a quick meal in the past, but this time, he joined our long-term recovery program — receiving not only basic necessities, but the comprehensive care he needed to get sober and turn his life around. Through mentorship, counseling, addiction recovery support, education, job training and more, Andre found a fresh start. “Being here has taught me purpose and patience,” Andre says. “This place has changed me!”

Andre has also learned about God and the new life He offers through His Son, Jesus Christ. “I’ve always known that Jesus died for our sins … but until now, I never really understood it. To learn what He actually went through for my sins, and the sins of everybody else … That opened my eyes,” he explains. “Now, I read the Bible more, I pray more and continue on a path of living right.”

Thanks to you, Andre’s life is full of faith, health and hope — and he is so grateful for your generosity. “The people that donate … I want to shake their hand and say, ‘Thank you! You are a godsend!’”