Ambrose’s Story

When Ambrose was growing up in Lindsay Heights, the community had its challenges. But his dad was a good man who stressed education, church and hard work. Ambrose has carried those values throughout his entire life.

“Lindsay Heights lost some of those values over the years,” Ambrose says. “Drugs, gangs, violence, unemployment, immorality, disintegration of families…the whole community just seemed to break down. Kids were just falling though the cracks.”

When Ambrose’s youngest daughter, Ambrielle, was born eight years ago, he says she was the “greatest blessing” of his life. “There was no way I was going to let her get caught up in all that mess,” he says. “So when I first heard about Cross Trainers Academy, MRM’s K4-12th grade school, I knew that’s where she was going to go to school when it came time.”

Ambrielle is in the 2nd grade now, and Ambrose says Cross Trainers Academy is making a big difference in her life. “The quality of education is top notch. The teachers love the kids, they’re Christian role models, and they teach real moral values. They also provide a strong structure and discipline when it’s needed. Ambrielle might be only an 8-year-old child, but she’s a strong, amazing child of God.”

Ambrose says Cross Trainers Academy is having that same impact on the entire community of Lindsay Heights. “Cross Trainers Academy is helping educate a new generation of kids, and their community meetings are bringing people together. Cross Trainers Academy is giving Lindsay Heights a future again.”

It’s one more way donors like you, who support the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, are making a difference. And Ambrose is one father who couldn’t be more grateful!