Safe Harbor

Where men in crisis can begin anew.

Safe Harbor


When life’s storms are too overwhelming, we all need a safe harbor. It’s not just a nice cliché or a catchy metaphor. For men in need on our local streets, it’s a very real, tangible place to drop anchor and find refuge, help, and hope. The Milwaukee Rescue Mission’s programs for men range from meeting their short-term emergency needs, to providing longer-term services that can help them break free from addictions, find and keep a job, build confidence and self-esteem and turn their lives around. All with a spiritual foundation.

Safe Harbor programs

1Guest Ministries

For men facing terrible personal crises, Guest Ministries can help them overcome short-term emergency issues, while providing extended support to stabilize their lives. Our comprehensive services include meals, shelter, clothing, counseling, education and job search resources.

2New Journey

For men who want to break loose from the bonds of addiction, our comprehensive New Journey program can help that process. Participants who are willing to commit to the hard work of healing and discipleship will realize change in their lives.

The program includes:

  • Daily Bible studies and personal development
  • Computer-based and instructor-led education programs
  • GED preparation and testing
  • Work therapy, on-the-job training and personal mentoring
  • Educational support and financial/legal guidance
  • Assistance in securing employment and housing

Our goal is to see each man develop stability in his life as he anticipates moving back into the community — confidently and with dignity.

3New Journey Transitional Services

For men who have completed the New Journey program,  New Journey Transitional Services (NJTS) is a six-month transitional living program that helps men take further responsibility for their own lives. Participants receive additional support and guidance to help them make a successful transition back into the community. The comprehensive services of NJTS help men secure employment, manage their finances, handle legal issues, find strength through Christian counseling and restore broken relationships.

Transformed Lives

Safe Harbor has helped these men find new life and a fresh start.


Carl spent much of his life in prison. The youngest of nine children, all of his siblings are either dead or in prison. Growing up, he was surrounded by violence. His abusive father put his mother in the hospital. He started selling drugs when he was just 13. “I’d get out of jail, stay on the streets, sell drugs and go back to jail,” he says. “That’s all I knew . . .”

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Tim enjoyed a successful life, until he became burned out from the demands of his job as a probation parole agent. He quit, ended up homeless, and drank constantly. He checked into a hotel, where he tried to drink himself to death. “I remember drinking so much that I didn’t want to wake up,” he recalls. “But, something told me that there’s something better than this . . .”

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I grew up in Chicago and made it all the way to seventh grade before dropping out of school — and I was illiterate. I started hanging with the gangs, doing drugs and alcohol. Unable to write much more than my name, the only jobs I could ever get were temporary day labor jobs. I was stuck and going nowhere. But God wasn’t done with me yet . . .

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These are just a few of the inspiring stories of men that have found new hope and strength through the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Check out more amazing tales of transformation.

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