Winter Refuge, Easter Hope!

Dear Friend,

Every winter night, before I go to bed, I think of the hundreds of men, women and children who are sleeping warm and safe at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission — precious people who otherwise might have to spend the night in cars, garages, abandoned buildings or worse.

I know I don’t have to tell you that winters are cold in Milwaukee. It’s miserable for people like you and me. But for our homeless neighbors, it’s more than miserable: it can be life threatening. It seems like every winter we read about a poor soul who’s died in the cold. Thanks to you, however, thousands find safe refuge at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. It’s no stretch to say that your gifts really do save lives, especially in winter.

But winter cold is not the only threat men, women and children struggling with poverty and homelessness face. Many have been devastated by a lifetime of abuse. They’ve been subjected to dysfunctional families, crime, poor education, inadequate job skills, drugs and alcohol. Spiritually, the cold, weight of sin and hopelessness keep them in darkness.

Next month, however, we will remember and celebrate their — and our — one true hope: Easter. Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection promises hope and new, transformed life for all of us. So all year-round, thanks to you, we have the privilege of leading all our guests to an empty tomb and the only One who can save their lives today and for eternity.

So today, I invite you remember all the precious men, women and children at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission who are safely off the streets, and who are sheltered in the arms of Jesus, because you cared. Thank you! Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia!

I thank God for you!

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, President