When They Know How Much You Care

Dear Friend,

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Eric’s story, at the top of this newsletter, is a perfect illustration of that truth. He didn’t want to open himself to God and the gospel we preach until he experienced how much we care about him.

Every day, more hurting people like Eric, and Shamika, whose story is above, come to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Many have suffered for years from the emotional scars of painful childhoods. Others have struggled with paralyzing addictions and crippling hopelessness, because they think it’s all they deserve. Over the years, they’ve lost connections to family and friends. They feel abandoned. They feel like no one cares—and that their lives will never change.

But that’s not true. Jesus cares. His life-transforming work on the cross and His resurrection can change their lives today and for eternity. Together, we can remind our hurting neighbors of this powerful truth.

This summer, and all year round, your support shows precious men and women at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission that they aren’t alone. They aren’t abandoned. Every meal and night of shelter you help provide shows them you care. Every smile, every hug, every word of kindness they experience here is because you helped make it possible. Every class, every Bible study, every hour of spiritual counseling demonstrates how much you care.

Then, as our friends in need receive more and more loving care, their hearts are opened and eager to learn what we know to be true—that the Good News of Jesus Christ will transform their lives forever. Thank you for your life-changing generosity this summer. Thank you for caring!

May God grant you a blessed Easter,

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.