Lifesaving Shelter – And Real Change

Dear Friend,

I can’t imagine what Jalissa must have felt. A young mother with her kids, hungry and homeless, and despite the bitter cold, none of her family or friends would take her in. The fear and stress she experienced must have been unbearable. And that’s why I’m so grateful friends like you were able to provide help by supporting the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

But Jalissa and her children aren’t alone. Over the next 12 months of 2017, thousands of men, women and children will find shelter here. This winter, up to 400 people a night will find a warm, safe bed. Thanks to compassionate people like you, so many vulnerable people will find refuge from the bitter cold.

And, I’m grateful for your support that can help provide them with so much more. You see, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission isn’t just a shelter. Every day as men, women and children begin to experience counseling, education and job training, lives are changing. Most important of all, however, we have the privilege of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, because that’s where transformation truly begins.

I believe that, through your generosity and God’s grace, 2017 is going to be a great year! We will work together to continue to improve our programs to help even more men and women put their broken lives back together. And we will also further expand Cross Trainers Academy, our K4-10th grade school, to provide education that can be the key to improving the lives of families in our community.

As we begin 2017, on behalf of those we serve, thank you for journeying with us in this new year!

I thank God for you,

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.