Jesus Came to Transform Us

Dear Friend,

It’s been said: Jesus didn’t come to fix us, he came to transform us. This profound truth never ceases to amaze me — especially at Eastertime!

What God does through Christ’s life, death and resurrection … it’s so much more than a quick fix. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we all have the hope of new life. No more are broken souls defined by guilt and mistakes of the past. Through the resurrection of Christ, God takes our brokenness and makes us whole — He transforms lives! It is a privilege to share this hope with those we serve, and an honor to partner
with you in this sacred work.

And this life-saving work is so important. As precious men, women and children turn to us for help, the challenges they are facing are certainly tough, even heartbreaking. Sometimes, they’ve made decisions that have led them down a bad path. Very often, these individuals have experienced such trauma and defeat that they feel nearly hopeless. Most who come through our doors share a similar feeling of despair — that life can’t possibly get better.

Even still, we have this hope: that Christ is risen, and has come to give us new life! The beauty we bear witness to when we see people’s lives transformed by the Gospel is powerful beyond words. It’s inspirational! And we are honored to share their stories — like Shaquonna’s on page six and Andre’s on page three — with you, our partners in serving!

Thank you for helping to provide resources to hundreds of struggling neighbors and being a part of the life-changing work going on at MRM. Through God’s grace and because you care for those who are hurting and homeless, our struggling neighbors have opportunity to experience life transformation. Happy Easter!

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.