Education for Life

Dear Friend,
It’s been quite a year since we opened our new North Campus in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, where we moved Cross Trainers Academy last September. Lindsay Heights is one of the most challenged, violent and traumatized communities in Milwaukee.

At our new North Campus, we’ve expanded Cross Trainers Academy to enroll 250 students and opened a state-licensed day care, the Child Enrichment Center. In addition, new community outreach programs provide resources to strengthen neighborhood families.

At our North Campus, hundreds of children receive life-changing, quality Christian education. The move places MRM where many of our students live, in a community suffering from the cycle of poverty that many of their families have experienced for generations. An education is one of the keys to breaking that cycle.

Transforming lives is what the Milwaukee Rescue Mission is all about — not just for students, but also for all the struggling men and women seeking our help. And education is vital to that transformation — education that starts with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and keeps going as we help improve educational skills and addiction recovery and provide valuable life-skills that will change the direction of their lives.

None of this is possible without your support. God is using you: Your gifts give adults in our programs the resources they need to succeed, and they equip students with a quality Christian education that opens the way to a brighter future. You are providing more than just food and shelter for people in need: you are helping to enable them to be all that God has made them to be and to fulfill His calling in their lives.

Thank you for your partnership, loyalty and compassion as we work together in the name of Jesus Christ!

Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.