Message from the Thrive Campaign Cabinet Co-chairs

From Ann and Warren Pierson, Thrive campaign Co-chairs

"We have been supporters of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission for many years and wanted to step up in a significant way to get behind the Mission’s plans for its North Campus. MRM and its committed staff have a long history of compassionately and effectively serving Milwaukee’s poor. This project is comprehensive in its design and launches a surgical strike at the heart of poverty and related challenges for Milwaukee’s inner city. We strongly believe it will make a big impact and serve as an example of how to heal and fortify a neighborhood in crisis and help it to Thrive!"

From Mike Grebe, Thrive campaign Co-chair

"I have been an enthusiastic supporter of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission for many years and I have great respect for the Mission’s programs and complete confidence in their leadership team. I agreed to serve as a co-chair of the Thrive campaign because of the remarkable potential for the Mission’s North Campus to become an even more important anchor in the surrounding community. This project is vitally important to the future of the neighborhood and, indeed, the future of our city. The full range of programs at the North Campus will truly help the people in the community to THRIVE!"

Thrive Campaign Cabinet

Mike & Patty Grebe, Co-chairs

Warren & Ann Pierson, Co-chairs

John & Gwyn Beagle

Ray & Susan Booth

Matt Burow

Bill & Denise Eisner​​

Rich & Judy Galling

Pat Horne

Milt & Carol Kuyers

Kent Loehrke

Jeff & Pam Lueken

Alan Petelinsek



Catalysts of Transformation - $1,000,000 and above

Ladish Co. Foundation

Anonymous (2)

Igniters of Hope -$500,000 to $999,999

Warren & Ann Pierson

Pillars of Grace - $250,000 to $499,999

Matt Burow

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

M&I Foundation, Inc.

Power Test, Inc.


Architects of Change - $100,000 to $249,999

Eric & Gina Peter

John & Gwyn Beagle

John S. Cain

Kaztex Foundation, Inc.

Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation

Milt & Carol Kuyers

Raymond & Michelle Fleszar

ROS Foundation

TCF Foundation

The Thousand Hills Stewardship Fund

William F. Eisner Family Foundation Fund

Champions of Community - $50,000 to $99,999

Eric & Wendy Van Vugt

JAX, Inc.

Jeff & Pam Lueken

Pat & Barb Vanderburgh

Patty & Mike Grebe

Ron & Mary Bero, Sr.

Scott & Mary Ellen Stanek

Stackner Family Foundation

Builders of Bright Futures - $25,000 to $49,999

A.O. Smith Foundation

Debbink Family Foundation, Inc.

Ervin W. & Bev Martens

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Kent & Wynne Loehrke

Kern Family Foundation

Michael A. Andaloro

Schiefelbein Foundation Fund

Anchors of Support - $10,000 to $24,999

The Cudahy Foundation

Lato Family Foundation, Inc.

Michael J. Van Handel

Patrick & Rachel English Fund

William & Sandra Haack Family Foundation, Inc.

And many other generous donors...