Facilities Employment Opportunities


We are looking to hire full-time Security Officers.  This individual would conduct regular patrols and inspections of buildings and facilities to identify and report damage and potential security risks.  Work involves identifying items requiring repair, investigating items reported by other sources, and performing or referring repairs as appropriate.  Work also involves ensuring that buildings are secure and that unauthorized personnel are prevented from accessing restricted areas. The Security Officer is responsible for maintaining order and safety within the facilities and the surrounding areas and will need to be able to lift 40-75lbs.  The Security Officer will be a mature individual who is able to relate well within a diverse population, of women and will need to pass a criminal background check. This position would require flexibility with the shifts required to work.

This individual should have a basic understanding of the criminal justice system and risks to people and property as applied to the working environment.  Good writing and communication skills are required.  Ability to lift 40-75 lbs. This individual must have mature and diverse thinking.  

A college education is preferred.  Preferred experience with military, police, correctional facility, security work background.


We are looking for 2 mature Christian men to fill these 3rd shift positions November 2017 - March 2018. 

Main job duty would be monitoring and authorizing the entrance and departure of residents and employees. The candidate should have good computer, written and oral communication skills. Be able to relate well with a diverse population. Some light lifting (minimum of 50bls.) and cleaning will be required.


We are looking to hire a mature Christian man to fill this position.  Duties would include receiving, receipting, sorting, transporting and inventory of donations.  There is significant physical labor involved, including lifting, loading/unloading and climbing to Stock shelves.  This position requires good communication skills, the ability to write accurate receipts, make good decisions, display organizational skills and show attention to detail, maintain area cleanliness, work independently or as a team and follow directions.  Performance should display efficiency, both speed and accuracy.  Education requirements are a High School diploma or GED.


We are looking to hire a mature Christian man to fill this position.  Duties would include cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms, cleaning of classrooms and hallways, cleans, washes, buffs and vacuums floors, empties trash, spill clean-up.  This individual should be thorough in their work, dependable and have good time management.  This position requires someone to be very active and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling, stooping and crouching all day.  The employee must frequently lift and move items less than 50 pounds.  Previous custodial experience desired.  Education requirements are a High School diploma or GED.

To obtain a job application, please contact Debi McLain at (414) 935-0272 or email debi.mclain@milmission.org. For more information regarding this position, please contact Pete Ross at (414) 935-0222.