WISN 12 News joined guests, volunteers and staff at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission's annual Thanksgiving meal. Read the transcript below or watch the newscast here.

"We are in the kitchen here at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. This is where they have been getting all the food read to serve hundreds of families here in Southeast Wisconsin. Take a look, this is where all the stuffing is ready to go, the turkey is in the back and cooked ready to go. The cooks have been working nonstop getting ready to go here on Thanksgiving. The director, the President here told me this has been a hot ticket item. If you wanted to volunteer here, you had to call early. He’s just so grateful to see the people in Milwaukee come out to help out.”

President Patrick Vanderburgh remarked, “This is just symbolic of the sort of support that we’ve received because Milwaukee Rescue Mission, we’re entirely dependent on personal gifts, you know, so we’ve got thousands of people who send in contributions throughout the holiday, bringing gifts for Christmastime, bring in turkeys, food, all sorts of stuff, and then dozens of volunteers taking part of their Thanksgiving to help us out.”

“The Milwaukee Rescue Mission is a 24/7, 365 so it’s not just today. They are serving meals here throughout the week and they expect to serve about a thousand families during the holiday season. I’m Ben Wagner with WISN News.”

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